How to Have Good Manners at a Poker Tournament

For many, going to a casino to play live poker is a terrifying experience. The idea you’ll be surrounded by strangers who’ll be waiting for your every mistake to take hold of your chips is daunting enough on its own. But, for many, the question isn’t even about winning or losing. They are more concerned about how to have good manners at a poker tournament?

Going into a new and uncharted territory, people are often concerned about doing something wrong or impolite. You don’t want to be the one sticking out with a strange and unadjusted behavior, and that’s really not hard to understand. Luckily, by sticking to general rules of proper behavior, with a few tweaks, you’ll be just fine in any poker room or casino out there.

Try to Be Polite & Respectful

This is really common sense. You’ll be surrounded by people of all types in a relatively crowded space. Try to be polite to everyone and don’t take anything to heart. In a poker room, you’ll meet some great people and some shady characters. Regardless of who they are, as long as they are minding their own business and aren’t being rude to you, there is no reason not to be nice.

Don’t Comment on Other People’s Hands

Maybe you’re a really good online player or someone who generally knows a lot about poker. In a live poker room, you’ll see many strange, non-standard, and straight-up bad plays. But, in a live setting, commenting on someone’s hand, especially someone you don’t know at all, is considered particularly rude.

This also applies to snarky smiles and similar reactions – that’s not how to have good manners at a poker table. Sure, they may have butchered a hand of poker, but that doesn’t give you the right to make fun of them. I mean, in most rooms it’s not actually against the rules, but it won’t make you any friends, either.

Relax and Have Fun

In general, poker rooms are places where people gather to have some fun, chat, and have a few drinks. There are also those who take the game more seriously and play strictly for profit, of course. Either way, there is nothing to be afraid of.

As long as you’re nice and polite, you’re allowed to have some good-spirited fun. Naturally, there are always some players with nasty characters and unfriendly personalities. You’ll have to handle those the best you can, preferably without getting into an argument. Otherwise, relax, play some cards, be nice to people, and you can expect the same – just like in any other situation in life!